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The Alten Firepit

The Alten Firepit

The Alten Firepit


With a modern design The Alten Firepit boasts a stylish and contemporary look.

The removable fire accellerator allows this firepit to have fantastic airflow resulting in a beautiful strong flame.

The design allows for The Alten Firepit to give off powerful heat and keep you warm long into the night. 


Made of 3/16 Canadian steel and formed on a 200 Ton Press The Alten Firepit is sure to last for generations.


Product Dimensions

22" L x 22" W x 18" H
50 lbs

There is a 1-week turnaround for this product and delivery is available - please contact for more information.


**Things to Note**


Due to the nature of a fire reaching up too 1100 Degrees Celsius (2012 Degrees Fahrenheit) there are somethings you should know.



We DO NOT paint our firepits for the reason that it just doesn't last. There are very few paint products on the market that will withstand the harsh life that a firepit endures. The firepits develop a beautiful patina over many years which we think you will find very pleasing to the eye. If you would like to paint your firepit you can look into some high performance coatings but SK Metalworks can not guarantee that the coating will last. 


Metal + Heat = Movement

Due to the heat a firepit produces you may get some movement in the metal. You should not be alarmed, this is completely normal and adds to the charm of something so beautiful. The power of fire and the strength of steel will be in a constant battle throughout the course of your firepits life and it is something to enjoy.